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Meat our automatic setlist for karaoke stream, ​KARARA

Watchalong Timer

No need to hit play
at the same time.

#Auto sync  #Customizing  #Easy to use



Just play what you want.

Let our Timer handle the syncing.

상영회 타이머가 싱크정보를 공유하는 모습

Perfect sync

Play, pause, skip.

All you need is 1-click.

상영회 타이머를 통해 OTT 채널정보를 방송화면에 띄우는 모습

OTT display

Let your fans know where to watch!

상영회 타이머 위젯을 통해 공지사항을 방송화면에 띄우는 모습


"Back in 10 minutes!"

Simple way to notice.

Easy to use

Install chrome extension in 1-click,
intergrate with over 19 streaming platforms.

크롬 확장프로그램을 설치하는 모습

Step 1.

Download extension

Support : Chrome / Edge

Step 2.

Run timer widget

Head to streaming platform

and Right-click to open Timer.

넷플릭스에서 상영회 타이머를 실행하는 모습
상영회 타이머 URL을 OBS에 적용하는 모습

Step 3.

Add sources

*Add 'Browser' from source section.

*How to set up custom timer : Paste the custom key after the timer URL.

Vtuber reviews



Customize your watchalong timer with your own design

in our custom store 'Syncu lab'.

*Shop for English user is in the works.




Thanks for the great widget!

My company suggested that I use this widget to watchalong and create a custom timer! I'm not good at setting timers, so i thought the screena timer would be great! The custom timer is so cute and quick, and my viewers love it!

스트리머 이주인



It doesn't work on
certain browsers!

We recommend using the Chrome browser for stable operation. 

Screena extension works on

'Chrome' and 'Edge'.


Do I need to be subscribed?

Yes, that's right! You must be subscribed to the streaming platform for the timer to fetch playback information.


Widgets and OBS have different times!

Try refreshing your browser source. If you are still experiencing issues, please contact


Too much time difference!

Please proceed with the time synchronization as below.

Mac : Settings > Date&Time > Set date and time automatically

Windows : Settings > Date&Time > synchronize your clock

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